DIYF: Kid-Friendly

Ok, it is DIYF time again!  In the wedding world Friday is a time for rehearsals and preparation for the big day Saturday.  You take things “Step by Step” and this is exactly what we will do with our DIY Friday.  Not sure if you remember the show “Step by Step” but it was a Brady Bunch-esque modern family (before “Modern Family” was the newest modern family on the sitcom block) with a crew full of kids and shenanigans.  Your crafts might also include a crew full of kids and shenaningans so in honor of those things here are some kid (and adult) friendly crafts:

I made these water sponge balls last summer for a camp and they were so easy and so fun!  I plan to make them for back yard fun this summer.  They are made from regular ole sponges and string or dental floss.  Count me in for some summer fun.  You can find the tutorial here from One Charming Party.

Photo from You've Got to be Kidding Me blog.

Because it is Friday and I totally want to do this at home: Fort Fridays from All for The Boys  (Yes, I would do it even without a kid there.)  I think it would be awesome to cuddle up as a couple or a family under a fort with some popcorn and watch a movie.  I can’t think of a better way to spend Friday night.  No tutorial for this one, because all forts are not created equal and you will have to make the one that feels right for you.

 I also think this glowing jar contraption from from {panka}  with love would be perfect for movie night in your fort!  It doesn’t look like a craft a kid could do exactly but certainly one they could enjoy!

Well there you have it; throw some sponge balls, make a fort, make it glow and get cozy with your honey and your babes.

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